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New to Fiverr, hello there!

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After a few days of looking around I decided to introduce myself properly!

I’m a hard working animation and audiovisual design student from The Netherlands. I currently am an intern at an animation studio which I enjoy a ton. I wanted to take it to the next level and be able to spend my free time working on animations too. I’m excited to have my gigs up and get my work out there, I felt over the moon and very grateful when I got the “rising talent” badge so I promise I won’t be slacking once I can start my first official order. 👏

Thank you for having me, I hope you’re all doing great and have a great day!

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Guest humanissocial

It will be so helpful for you to put what you’ve absorbed in your internship into practice, see what works, what doesn’t and what the demands are in the market!


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