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How I'm Using My Fiverr Earnings


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When I first started using Fiverr, I was using the money to pay for food in the house and some of the extras we enjoy from time to time. However, the last couple of years, with the husband’s earnings from his actual job and my job at the school, the earnings I make from Fiverr have allowed us to do more enjoyable things.

For example, the Kids Bowl Free program - I signed my son up for free but paid $16 for myself to play for free every day for the summer - two games a day. That’s really just $7 for the shoes each day. Believe me, it’s worth it!

I also pay for dental insurance with my Fiverr earnings and pay off any PayPal credit debt I have (usually for costly household things needed and booking hotels).

However, I’ve been on a mission the last four months - pay off my Altima has quickly as I can. It’s become a game with myself, so to speak. I use the CS I get (David is grown now) and $200 of my husband’s earnings to pay the car, but most of the money I throw at that car is from my Fiverr earnings.

Each time I am paid, I debate how much I’m going to pay for the car. Right now, I’m at $1791 left to pay for my Alli (her nickname). By next week, she’ll be down to $1495 (give or take). By the end of this month, the car should be paid down to $1,000 The interest rate is collecting 16 cents a day, so we’re def, paying on the principal. The goal is to have her paid off by the start of August.

After that, anything I earn from Fiverr will start going toward the property and personal taxes. After that, well, I’m not sure what will happen, as I have a new job at the school, which means less time for me on Fiverr stuff.

Fiverr was a necessity when I first began, but it became a place where the money I earned allowed us to do more for our family or enjoy something we used to deny ourselves. For example, I’m going to a meet and greet with Skillet in August. Was never possible 5 years ago…Thanks to Fiverr, it’s a reality.

14 days at the school and counting. After that, I can spend my time on the Fiverr stuff and rest.


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