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Why dont my accept my offert


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Guest hanshuber16

Hello everyone

I have 7 gigs but nobody accept my offert and my price is to low


You are not going to automatically start getting sales just because you have 7 gigs that are priced super cheap. Fiverr is a very competitive marketplace. There are thousands of sellers in each gig category, and you will have to convince prospective buyers that you are better than the rest of them out there.

Targeted marketing and connecting with your target customers (wherever they might be) can do you good, too.

my price is to low

P.S: I am telling you this only because you pointed out that your gigs are priced very cheap (at the time of writing this, I can see that your gigs are priced at $10, $15, and $20). I bet there are sellers on Fiverr who offer the same services as you — but for much cheaper (while also offering premium quality).

But, to be honest, the price of your gig shouldn’t matter tooo much as long as you are able to justify the cost of your services (based on quality of services rendered/products offered, time and effort required, quality of customer service provided, etc).

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