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Dear buyers, what makes you


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dear buyers, what makes you buy a gig. I always though to my self, why me, why do people buy my gigs why do they chose me. because to be honest i won’t buy my gigs if i was another person, I might like the work but not buy it.

i get over excited when someone buys something from me and ask myself “i cannot believe that people would buy my service” maybe i just under estimate myself.

but back to the subject, what makes you want to go forward and pay / buy a gig.

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It usually depends on what the gig states.

I usually only buy gigs related to things I need done. When I do that, I tend to look for sellers who describe their service in a professional manner, but who also have at least one-two reviews which would get me a little more confident about buying a gig and not spending my time thinking that I won’t get an asnwer from the seller.

I also tend to come back to sellers who did a good job the first time I bought something from them, but who were also polite and helpful during our transaction. I believe that the way a seller interacts with a buyer during an order, but also before and after one, really shows how trustable that certain seller is, and just makes me want to buy more from them.

When it comes down to gigs like the ones you listed, it usually only depends on whether I think that having a hand sketched picture of myself is cool or not. Some people might want to post it on social media, while others may want to show it off to their friends.

You get the idea 😃

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superfunart: You’re totally underestimating yourself! I looked at your gigs and your artwork is very good. The neon lighting gig is unique and I can see a lot of people wanting that one either for themselves or a gift for someone else.

I’m also intrigued by your Arabic graffiti. Just out of curiosity, do you do traditional calligraphy?

Anyway, I can’t really answer your question since I mostly sell here. But I did buy I gig before I began selling - an ebook cover design. I picked the seller because 1) they had really good ratings, and 2) the samples they had were impressive. Needless to say, I was very happy with the final product.

In the end I wouldn’t worry too much about the “why” and just concentrate on doing a great job with every order.

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I’m not a buyer, but if I were, this is what I would look for.

First, I look for what I need – and article, a logo, etc. I don’t need a video. I’d rather see an original image that draws my eye to the ad. I was looking at the editing gigs today when I put mine up, and there must be a dozen or more gigs with the same stock photo. No thanks. If you can’t even be original enough to use a unique photo, I’m not going to trust you with my work.

Second, I look for someone with a good rating. I don’t worry too much about cancellations if they are relatively new and only have a few orders, but for level 2 sellers, I’m looking for less than 10% cancellation rate. I need a rating of at least 95%, and then I’m going to look to see why they got negative ratings, and who from.

Third, I look for a description that looks like they put some effort into it. I’m not going to buy, say a writing gig, that just repeats what is in the title with little else to entice me. You have to draw buyers in, make them think,“Wow, this is a great description. I need to check this seller out.” I like descriptions that state EXACTLY what you get or don’t get for your money.

I don’t care how long they have been here. I’ll give a newbie a chance, because someone gave me a chance, so I’m all for trying to help people out.

Hope this helps.

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