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Is it needed certification for tax return advising? I have the knowledge cause of my work experience

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It depends on the laws of your country. It seems that if you are a tax expert you would know. In the U.S. anyone can give tax advice. Of course you do face some bad consequences if you give the wrong advice and someone follows that.

I made some sales of stocks this year and had a profit. What form would I use and how would I report those? Do I need to pay tax on that? I’m in the US.

You have some competition from turbotax:


handr Block:


It’s super easy to get tax questions answered from professionals and online. Most people here would simply call some experts for free advice. If you have a complicated problem it’s not hard to find some professional help for a very low cost. It’s a very easy thing.

It’s an interesting gig but you better really be a real, honest expert! And you would need clearance from customer support to look at people’s financial records which would include their names and addresses.

It really seems if you had done this before you wouldn’t need to ask this question.

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