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What is the best way to market a Fiverr gig?


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I got your Schychology.

I am sure some stupid teach you how to boost fiverr gig!

they suggest you to comment on fiverr forum and you are just doing that.

Please remember, this place is for professionals, its not for copy past or spaming.

You are new on fiverr, you have to learn many things about how to be professional, how to improve your professionalism, How to deliver a things maintaining international standard.

Remember, Spaming or copy past comment will make you a cartoon not professional

Its quite shame of you, I hope you learn things from this comment thread.

I am sure you will do good job and Earn five figure even six figure in future,

I also surethat you will destroy and destractive even you will lost your earnings if you don’t take a lession from this comment thread.

Best of luck 😉.

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.I need to concern one thing.i am working with fiverr almost 3 years one of my gig With which i earned almost 10k dollars .once the gig fall down from rank.but now my gig is in first page for 12/15 days but I dont get any buyer massage.can you plz tell me what would be reason ??

Wash and wait. You know that at the present time the contestants are so much more like that. Don’t worry Stay tuned.

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