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From Fiverr to Dubai! *SUCCESS STORY*

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Hello everyone! I’m Milan and I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country in Southeastern Europe. Being aware of the situation in my country and knowing that I won’t get the education I needed in order to succeed, I knew I had to make my own way through it all. I started learning graphic design with my main focus on logo design. Throughout my whole process of learning, I had to think ahead and find a way for my work to be seen, recognized and appreciated. After all, I wanted to make a living out of it.

Some would say those were too ambitious dreams for somebody coming from such a modest place, but I always knew hard work pays off. I have done my research on places where I could offer my service and I had found out that there were many websites which could give me the chance to prove myself. However, being young as I was, it was a pretty tricky decision as I had to be wise enough to make the right choice. Was it my luck, my gut or something else, I don’t know, but all I can say is that it was the best decision I could make.

I have signed up and made my account on Fiverr; and then my journey began. Happy, bumpy, difficult and the best journey ever! From the very beginning, Fiverr was, and still is, giving me (and you) the ability to achieve a lot. My work has finally been noticed and I started earning actual money from it. For a young man I was at the time (and still am, but a little wiser 🙂 and living in the environment where my, well now I can call it job, wasn’t as popular, I knew it was a huge success.

Now, 5 years later, all I can do is be grateful for everything that made me discover this amazing place, Fiverr, where you actually can make your dreams come true with your own work. You know how for the most of men, car is like a huuuge deal, well, thanks to Fiverr, I was able to afford myself the car I wanted, or better said two cars, my dream cars. Also, it’s been years since I had last been on a holiday. This year I have decided to break the “tradition” and to travel some place exotic and far away and where I can see more of life. My decision fell onto The United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Never ever I have thought I would be able to afford myself a trip to such a luxury destination. Honestly, if there wasn’t for Fiverr, I probably never would.

I am grateful with all my heart to Fiverr for making it happen, for giving me the chance to see life, to expand my views, to learn and grow as a person and for giving me more perspective to life. For this one, and many more to come, thank you Fiverr.

P.S. Enjoy the view! 🙂

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On 5/2/2019 at 12:16 PM, milanmanojlovic said:

This year I have decided to break the “tradition” and to travel some place exotic and far away and where I can see more of life.

Now that’s the life of a freelancer…congs.

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that is achieved with the hard rabao that you have shown. Good things do not come easy, you have to believe in yourself and the ability to face the aversions that you place in your work so you can look for ways to improve each day and leave those problems as learning. #felicities for your achievements and that many more follow. I also seek to improve in my work and be better recognized. 😉

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