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Greetings from BeingBro!


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Hello everyone;

Just join this community 🙂

Let me introduce my self, I am semi retired person. As hobby and gaining knowledge I am/was spending lots of time of FB, Insta, Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

One day I thought I must create my own post and putting my own thoughts, experiences and inspired views on my image (a avatar created for me). By sending such personalised message the receiving person feel so happy and privileged. I am sending them birthday wishes, anniversary messages, message for special events etc.

I have been doing these last three years, now I think these creatives are really worth as they are very simple & minimal, but certainly smart and attractive.

I am very sure like me many of us would like to use/send such creatives to their near dear ones on their special occasions make them feel very special.

With this posting few creatives for your ready reference, hope you will like them.

Also being new member, would like to have piece of advises from senior members for how to promote my gigs or reach to targeted potential customers.

Thanks & Regards,
Being Bro!

Mod Note: Instagram link removed.

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