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Hate the Way Gigs are Shown For Buyer Requests


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I am not sure whether I am the only one affected by this. I frequent the “Buyers’ Request” page where I try to place reply to requests for which I have a matched gig. Most of the time however, the gig that pops up from my many gigs is usually so unrelated to the request placed and does not come with those drop down selection arrows. I often feel like pulling hair when this happens. Am I the only one who suffers from this? How do you proceed in such a case? Do you still reply to the request and hope that the Buyer will scroll through the gigs in your profile to find the right one or do you ignore the request?


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Reply to @kjblynx: I would just like to second the INEFFECTIVENESS of letting new buyers choose the categories and subcategories. Not their fault. They are new and don’t know what falls under what (otherwise, they would have just looked up the categories themselves and found sellers).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can now spam buyers with unrelated gigs.

There just has to be a better way! 😦

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There was an idea I had earlier. I did talk about it with a bunch of sellers here and they seemed to agree. I guess I’ll make an official post about it in the near future and also let the staff know about it.

For now, I believe the Fiverr system should have a way of scanning through buyer requests in order to identify keywords and let us, the buyers, post the gigs related to the request.

I do find myself facing this issue many times as well! The way I have to deal with it is send an offer with an unrelated gig and then head over to my inbox and message the buyer giving him the proper link and additional information to the services I offer. I truly believe that a buyer request keyword scan would solve most of these issues.

If not, another idea would be to help us decide which message we want to send whenever we try to submit an offer. Instead of ‘‘Hey I just saw your request and thought you would be interested in my gig…’’, we should have the possibility to choose the message we want to send. I understand that the system is meant to stop spam, but there are these times when it just feels like it is not working.

With a dialog box which also allows us to send a customized message, without the need to head to our inboxes, a lot of time and nerves could be saved for many sellers.

What do you think about these suggestions?


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