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Uploading a preview video - need advice


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I’m new to Fiverr and have tried to upload my first gig. I created a video that is exactly the product I will be producing - an animated handwritten message that can be customised when the buyer puts in their order. My video was rejected because it didn’t say “Exclusive to Fiverr” and the sound quality wasn’t good enough - yet I never saw any requirements for this and there was no sound on the clip at all (This was on purpose) because I wont be providing sound on the final animation

Any advice? Is there a way to upload without sound?

Thanks for the help! Would love any other feedback on my project listing, since it’s my first 🙂

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Audio or not, your video must say “exclusively on Fiverr”, even if it’s text.

Do you have the capability to add your voice and and explain the gig?

Or you could hire one of the voice over folks on Fiverr and add the VO to your video. Make sure the VO says, “exclusively on Fiverr”.

Fiver loves videos with the Seller explaining their gigs, and Buyers like it too.

Good luck! 🙂

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Hi voiceoverwork,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve made a new video that says “only on fiverr” to promote the product better and added a backing soundtrack to fix the audio issues. It’s been accepted now, so hopefully I start getting some work!

Thanks for your help!

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