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New to Fiverr? Tips for getting that first sale


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Hi all,

I’m new to Fiverr and I landed my first sale which resulted in a 5* review. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly, but now I know my efforts will begin to pay off. If you’re new to Fiverr too, I’d like to share what I’ve done that helped me get my first sale, and hopefully you can share in this experience soon!

  1. When creating your gig make sure to use some kind of keyword tool. I use the Google one. It provides relevant key words to any topic or phrase and shows you how many people are typing a particular keyword(s) on search engines. Additionally, it gives you a list of other applicable keywords too. SEO is very important. Stay relevant. Stay original. Get popular.

  2. USE SOCIAL MEDIA! I didn’t have any social media accounts before creating a Fiverr account, but I took the time to do research on what social media platforms would be best for what I am selling. I now have a Twitter, LinkedIn, and a Facebook page. My follows and social engagement is slowly increasing throughout the day! You just can’t go wrong with free marketing, right? It’s a great way to snowball traction for your gigs. My current plan is to post to my social media pages 1-2x per week, and every so often engage with other people/brands via comments, likes and follows. Gotta get out there to get noticed!

  3. Visit the buyer requests page DAILY. When you don’t have any buyers coming to you, Fiverr makes it possible to go to them. Take advantage of this opportunity because these are people/businesses looking for what you sell! Take this as a chance to also polish up your sales pitch to see what works best.

  4. If you only have one gig take time to think of, or search Fiverr for what else others are doing in your category. More than one gig = more exposure. Study your competition carefully to see what they are doing to gain success. Utilize that knowledge to gain insight as to what works, and find your own original way to incorporate those things into a ladder for success.

By following these four steps I promise you that you will find success a lot faster than just waiting around. Fiverr doesn’t only make it possible to make $ from the comfort of your own home in pajamas, but it also allows us to build upon who we are by accomplishing things we only ever dreamed of. Anything is possible. “Never, never, never give up” - Winston Churchill

Thanks for reading guys and girls. I hope this post helps my fellow new sellers. If you need a solid Voice Talent, you know where to come now 🙂


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