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How to get your first 400$


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Guest hanshuber16

I had a look at your profile, and it looks like you have already completed at least 14 orders in only 1 month. It looks like you are doing okay. You just have to complete more orders to earn $400. :man_shrugging: You can also offer some gig extras for your buyers (if that’s possible) and up-sell your gigs.

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Hello guys. Any tips of earning the 400$ that are requered to be level one seller? I have no problem with other the other requiriments but I’m struggling with this one

earning the 400$ that are requered to be level one seller

Get one client whom you can bill $400. 🙂

The best way for that is; maximize custom offers.

offer some gig extras

up-sell your gigs.

I struggled to get the total number of orders to get to level 1 (10 orders), the same experience with level two (50 orders). There is no way around those numbers.

But, for income, all you need is one person willing to spend the $400+ on any of your services.

I earned enough to get to level 1, within the first 2 weeks actively selling, now I have been sitting on enough for level 2 for several months.

The trick is simple.

Offer value, when you get an opportunity, sell yourself out, understand the client’s need and propose a terrific solution, I will bet you there are clients willing to pay a premium for quality services that solve their needs.

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