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Pros in the house; please help needed. Come in


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Pros: i’ve been on fiverr now, for over a a week and i havent got any sales even though i’ve nt been active here . But the question is how do i get or how do you get more buyers to your offer??? . I’m a pro information marketer, i do sell information products and all my products are genuine . http://fiverr.com/users/bestwebtech/manage_gigs Pls m soliciting for your help

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Hello, there isn’t a definite amount of time when people start getting orders.

It all depends on many factors such as:

  • do you promote your gigs outside of fiverr (on social media, etc)
  • is your gig explained in a way that a buyer will know what he/she will be getting when they order
  • is your gig part of a saturated market here (many other people offer the same thing)

    -does your gig stand out

    -is your gig a value for a buyer

    There are some people here on this forum who have discussions on the subject of that they will review your gig(s) and offer you advice on how to make them better.

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You probably aren’t going to like my answer but I am going to shoot it to you straight.

You aren’t going to make any sales on Fiverr because your gigs are centered around a very spammy claim of making $500 dollars a day with only a few hours of time.

I would suggest retooling your services to something real and tangible. People don’t come to fiverr to buy get-rich-quick services. There are still those that are purchasing black hat SEO Gigs (i.e. thousands of backlinks for only $5) but even those Gigs are starting to fade as Fiverr buyers are becoming more savvy and aware.

Maybe I’m wrong about you, and maybe you do have a goose that lays a golden egg. If this is the case, offer something tangible such as a short eBook or PDF white paper. Something that people interested in internet marketing can actually hold in their hand and learn from. Not the vaporware you are currently trying to sell.

No offense. Hope this helps.

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