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Idea of Building A In-house Studio

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My name is Niranjan and I from India. I have joined fiverr 2 years ago and currently reached to level one seller. I have extremely in-depth experience of 3d animation and filmmaking. Recently I was watching a YouTube video where I came up with this startup Idea of building a small in-house studio where I could do some more work with fiverr buyers. I know we dont get orders everyday but I think Branding the profile to a Studio kind of Title will definately help to gain buyers trusts. Fiverr dont allows Change in usernames that are registered. Tho if we introduce or refer a teammate to join fiverr and setup everything accordingly then we might end up building a online studio. And regarding completing bulk orders I think that Is the time to hire artists for a permanent job.
There are some issues. What if you dont get orders. What be the savings afters paying out the hired proffesnals? Well I would suggest to start from 2 proffesnals and keep improving portfolio and once you are getting over oders time to hire more.

I tried this method few months ago and really liked it. But i think I need to reach pro tier to start on building Animation studio Latter.
Your advices appreciated
Thank you

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