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Duplicate Gig but the other one is turned off


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This is a simple question.

I’m new to fiverr, my first gig already had 9 reviews all of which are really good reviews. I want to make a duplicate gig with some variation from the wordings and other stuff.

I plan to keep the new gig open, while closing my old gig.
first of all i’m not asking whether this makes sense or not. and i don’t want to be told that i should just keep my gig or just make changes on my original gig.
The only question i want answered is whether or not this is a violation of fiverr’s rules.
to be specific and this is being repetitive is that.
Whether or not having two duplicate gigs, “BUT” the other one is paused (the original) while the new duplicate gig with variation is active and whether this violates Fiverr’s rules.

I’m hoping that my question is specific enough and is not answered with a general response.
I am also hoping that someone from fiverr would answer this.


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