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Buyer Left 1 Star Review On Accident


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So I recently completed an order with a buyer and they were very satisfied and completed the order. After they left their review they messaged me and stated that they had accidentally left me a one star review but the words they wrote were very kind. They told me they definitely did not mean to do that and they even plan to place more orders in the near future. BUT I know sellers can’t contact support and get any help on this but there really should be something in place for the sellers to fix this problem. I’m not trying to have a 1 star review, which was a mistake hurt my requirements. These types of things are extremely frustrating and Fiverr honestly doesn’t have enough in place to fix these types of things. Literally any review I have that’s under five stars was done by my mistake and they’re still there because they can’t be “changed or removed”. I’m not going to lie this is probably the most frustration I’ve felt in a while here.

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