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Want to Create Backlinks & Classified Ads for my Fiverr Profile to Get Visitors and Clicks


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Hi friends,

Good Morning. Hope you are doing well.

I’m a level 2 seller but due to a health problem, I unable to deliver 8 - 10 projects on time and I lost my everything. I lost all my level, gig rank, clicks, impression and orders.

2 months back I was getting 200 - 300 clicks per week but now I’m getting only 8 - 10 clicks per week and lost all my sales.

So I’m thinking to optimize my Fiverr profile outside like post my profile ads on classified sites, put my profile link on high authority sites and share on social media sites.

Please share your experience. If I will create backlinks and post profile ads on classified sites, so can I able to get some traffic and clicks.

Also, want to know is there any restriction from Fiverr to post ads or crate backlinks for profile outside.

Please help!


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