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Pauper ! I need help!


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I am logo designer ! i delivery logo for rweeks1 35days ago ! buyer leave POSITIVE feedback on time ! after long time (35 days). . . . buyer is re-leave NEGATIVE feedback ! now i can’t contact my buyer ! I am very pauper ! I need help !

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Hello there,

I actually checked your gig and the logo/negative comment the buyer left,

but I don’t think it is sloppy at all, but since I don’t know what the buyer requested,

I can’t say much.

What did the buyer request?

I’d say take a screen shot of the instruction/request you got from that buyer, and

tell the customer support about it.

Judging from your English though, I am guessing that maybe you misunderstood

the buyer’s instructions…but that doesn’t explain the positive comment he/she left weeks ago,

so I’d say talk to customer support. Good luck!

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Hi there I had the same buyer’s (I don’t think they want us to explicitly name buyers here though) order canceled completely even though I did everything (and more) they had asked. I got a message that my order had been canceled by fiverr customer support, does this mean the buyer canceled the order?

I haven’t seen any negative feedback from them. But this is seriously a scamy/fishy buyer.

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I just wanted to point out one thing, I am guessing that perhaps communication problem is one

major reason that lead to this situation, unless the buyer really was a trying to rip you off with

cruel intentions.

I read your comment you left for the buyer, and even though I could somewhat understand

what you were trying to say, some parts I could not understand because of your grammar.

You called the buyer a cheater ( I believe that is what you were trying to say), but then

right after that you say you are not angry. You’re not really making sense here.

You thread title has the word “pauper,” and again to be honest, I’m not so sure what you

were trying to say.

I think it might be a good idea to ask people around you who are native speakers when

talking to your buyers to avoid problems in the future. One little misuse of the word can

lead to a big misunderstanding.

Hope this helps!

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