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Should I Raise My Prices?

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I am considering raising my prices. I know I am still a “New Seller”, but I have completed almost $250 worth of $5 and $10 dollar orders, so that’s a lot of orders. I am now getting multiple basic $10 orders daily on my patent search gig, but some people don’t read the description. It’s like that ten dollars isn’t worth their two minutes to read the description. And then they are slow to respond and barely fill out the requirements, making me request extensions, they order by accident, etc. So if $10 isn’t worth it for you to take your two minutes and read and think about what you are buying or DM me to clarify, maybe I should raise my prices. If I get less orders, so be it, at least they are from clients who all care. Most clients are good, but its that 20% that really gets me!! Some people also order and ask for more than the gig includes, for example, they will order my gig which is searching patent for an Amazon product(generally simple), and ask me to search the patent database for their complex new invention. This is not 10 dollar work people, DM me before ordering. Please give me some advice. Thanks!

*Edit: I raised my prices a bit just to see how it goes. If you want to know my original prices they are about half. https://www.fiverr.com/ngtechandapps/conduct-a-patent-search

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Good for you!

There is a lot of evidence that suggests people pay closer attention and more time to an order when they have paid significant money for it. So I think you are on to something.

Personally I found raising my rates weeded a lot of those lazy inconsiderate buyers out. And my new rates are a better reflection of my time and value.

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