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Contributing at fiver forum


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Hi sh_services

I think it depends on what kind of services one offers on Fiverr. My experience mainly with my first Voice-Over Gig a few years ago that is now paused due to overbooking in “real life”, is that yes, contribution to this Forum does help increase sales.

What is most important though, is that one can learn a lot in this Forum by reading and/or discussing issues and new ideas. Both as a seller and a buyer, during a few years I have learned how to make my “business” better. And that is something that can lead to the increase of sales!

all the best with your gigs

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It CAN help at times.
It does give you some level of exposure.

In fact I did buy a gig from this one seller because I saw her here at the forum,
AND she had a very good gig.

Bottom line is, whether you get exposure or not, you have to had a good gig. 🙂

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