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Managing Gigs

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Hi there,

I Manage a medium quantity of items at the same time. I can have more than 20 Gigs open at the same time waiting for example for my review. I’m a kind of reseller (I don’t design sketches just the last part.) and I can’t close some Gigs until I know what my customer wants of all the Gigs opened for his project.

I use fiver to get some design sketches for every one of my customer I hire between 4 - 8 fiverr designers. When I go to the Shopping list I just see the name of the offer the designer makes instead of the name of the project the designer is working on. Thats really a pain because I have to check every item one per one. Because obviously I tend to hire the same designers, the ones I like.

My first Suggestion is simple:

When going to “Shopping” Instead of watching a list of what my hired people does. I would like to have the option to Rename every work so i can watch a list of all the different projects my hired people are working on.

Example. Instead of watching a list like this:

I do a webpage predesign

I do a super webpage concept

I do a pdf Webpage first design

I do a webpage predesign

I do a super ultra nice webpage concept design

I do a webpage design

I do a webpage predesign

I do a super webpage concept

I do a pdf webpage concept

I do a predesign webpage

I would prefer to have a list like this:

Project Orange A

Project Orange B

Project Orange C

Project Orange D

Project Lemon A

Project Lemon B

Project Melon A

Project Melon B

Project Melon C

Project Melon D

Isn’t better and nicer? 🙂

My second Suggestions.

Since I spend a good amount of money on Fiveerr it would be nice to set as well a badget of good buyer, a person who instead of having 3 days to make a review have 10 days for example. Why?

Easy… When I’m working on project A and I hire Mr Brown, Mr Blue and Mr Black, I would like to wait to my customer first decision to close and review all the waiting for review projects. But if Mr Brown takes 2 days to delivery and Mr Black takes 8 days. When I have all the sketches to show to my customers the Mr Brown Gig is already closed. That’s again a pain. The way I fix it is pay again for the Gig. I don’t care to spend 5$ more, but it is a pain for managing my items.

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Hey this is not a fight between buyers and sellers I think. I believe there is always away to fix issues without creating problems to other persons. I don’t want people to work around MY schedule… and I’m not saying sellers have no other works… And I don’t want sellers to get penalized…

I’m speaking about a special kind of buyers, I never ever had giving a negative review, if I don’t like how someone worked for me I just don’t hire him again. The money is already payed, there is no way you can get your money back once you payed unless the seller wants to give it back to you or the seller didn’t work at all. That means those 14 days doesn’t have to change at all. That’s only your assumption. And perhaps Fiverr can fix that without increasing that time.

Since this is a suggestion box I’m making a suggestion, but I’m not pretending to make your life harder, and I dont want sellers to get penalized… Your are being very very defensive with your asumptions.

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