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Earned my first $1000


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Hey there,

I’ll start this topic by stating that, if you do not have the time needed to read everything I will rant about here, you can find a ‘long story short’ part at the end of this thread.

So, where do I start? I guess I should move back a year or so when I was still discovering everything the internet had to offer, but was also in need of more money.

At first, I wasn’t really excited when I found out that money could be made online, mainly because of the fact that I thought many people were already in the system, so the chances I had to get something out of it were quite small. I thought about sites were people sold services for a long time. I looked them up, found a few, but was always discouraged by the high number of people who were already there before me. Most of us say that people who have been in a system longer than you, are always more likely to succeed. I was a hard believer of that, because the world that we seem to live in gives us many reasons to think that money, but also the time you spend doing something are factors which will always make a person stand taller than another.

8 months ago, I found out about Fiverr. I don’t know how many of you have seen it, but there are a lot of great sellers still active here today, who have experienced the V1 (first version) of this site. If I remember correctly, my first gig stated that I would do a 50 minute voice over for $5. Well, the sales did not come at first. I later found out that I can market my gigs through buyer requests, but also brag about them on another blogs and why not, even in real life. A wise buyer (my first buyer actually) gave me his honest opinion on the things I should do in order to get more people to come and order. My first decision was to lower my gig to 5 minutes for the same price. As I did this, more sales started coming in. I later posted my writing gig, which turns out to be my best selling one, too.

I will not post seller names, but some of them have been really helpful and managed to make me continue to improve myself and the services that I offered. Time passes, and with time I earned more experience and started getting more sales as well. I can still remember the face I made when I was promoted to level 1, heck I shouldn’t start speaking about the party I threw when I saw the Level 2 logo near my name.

So far, Fiverr has been an amazing experience, and the forums just seem to make it a lot better! I still don’t really know why I haven’t advertised myself on the forums, and why I decided to watch everything from the outside, without interacting with you, the wonderful sellers, but also buyers of this amazing site.

Seems I got lost a bit in my writing, so let’s head back to the main flow of the story. I received my 100th order a few days ago, and my got my first $1000 today.

From now on, I will also post on the forums a lot more often. Hope you guys will be able to bear with me!

For now, you can check out my profile and order anything you need!

Best regards,


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