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My first order ever! I think there may be a problem in communication...?


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Hi All! I was very proud to receive an email stating I have my very first buyer for my translation gig. As I understand it, I have 6 orders waiting, all from the same person. I have quite a few messages from the buyer, half stating that orders have been placed, and the other half saying the required information has been submitted by the buyer for me to start my work…

BUT - although the page says the order requirements have been submitted (the most obvious one being the text that needs to be translated), I can’t find it anywhere on the page! The clock’s ticking, and I’m so confused at the moment. Is there somewhere I can go to see how exactly the buyer completed my requirements, i.e. is there a place for them to upload the text that I missed?.. I’m only just starting out on Fiverr, and I’m anxious to start the order, but I can’t find the information that would allow me to do so. Help would be very much appreciated!

All I can see are the different order numbers, but not any uploads associated with them, despite the checkmark next to “Buyer Submitted Information”… 😦

From what I can see, I should probably send the buyer a message asking for the text as an attachment, but wanted to check with the more knowledgeable sellers out there if I’ve overlooked something due to lack of experience with the website!

Thank you.


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