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Hey! Robbie here, I'm a music producer approaching Level One :)

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Hi everyone!
My name’s Robbie
I’m a music producer and an audio engineer. I’m currently offering hip-hop,trap and R&B beat production service on Fiverr ☀️

I’ve been registered for about two months now. I went in with zero expectations, thinking that I could make a couple of beats and help out amateur musicians with their projects. What happened next is truly astonishing to me!
I always knew there are people who make money selling music online but I never thought I’d become one of them. Fiverr turned out to be a great part time job for me 😁

The Tips for Sellers section on the forum was really helpful when setting up my first Gig!
I’ve read through all of the recommendations and edited my Gig accordingly.
I plan on becoming an active member on Fiverr Forums and I really wanna contribute to this wonderful community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve fulfilled all of the requirements to become a Level One Seller and I’m waiting for my evaluation tonight

I’m excited to see what this new chapter brings and I’m looking forward to meeting fellow sellers and like-minded people . Feel free to ask any questions or share your experience on Fiverr to me 😊

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