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Is this gig is good?

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No, it’s not good. Your gig description and main gig images are stolen from others, and your gig packages make no sense (in the cheapest package, you offer 5 premium logos plus a bunch of other things, and in the most expensive package, you offer 1 basic logo).

You should only use designs you have created by yourself, from scratch, and you should write your own gig descriptions. Anything else would be both dishonest and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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You’ll need to start your own topic and ask for help there. Hijacking someone else’s topic is not nice (plus it’s against the forum rules).

Also, you’ll have to put a link that will lead others to your gig (you’re the only one who can open the link you posted, the rest of us are just taken to Fiverr’s main page, because we’re not logged into your account).

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