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Don't you just love it when you find something in your house that can be used for your gig?


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Last night out of nowhere, I came up with an idea for a new gig ( I am guessing a lot of us come up

with new ideas at the most random moments), so I went to the store to buy stuff for it.

So I get home, started to set things up so I can take a photo.

During the process, I thought hey, I should add props…but what can I use?

I started to walk around the house, picking up random items, opening my desk/drawers, looking for things,

and came across some stuff like an alarm clock that has been in my home since I was in high school

( and how long ago was THAT!?), left over ribbons from last year’s Christmas, and left over pearl beads from a broken bracelet…which my cat broke. 😛

Sounds very random, I know, but I do feel happy and lucky too.

Does anybody had similar experiences?

Do you guys go out and buy stuff at shops, or do you walk around the house

searching for stuff you can use first?? 😃

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Reply to @madmoo:

I have checked your gigs but I’m afraid I haven’t seen your typewriter gig.

I LOVE those old fashioned typewriters, I used to play with them when I was a kid…not anymore though, the last time I’ve seen one when I was in 6th grade,LOL.

Most of the props or materials I use at Fiverr comes from the 100 yen shop ( which is the Japanese version of the one dollar store) so I do save a lot of money, the only thing is I sometimes went to 3 different 100 yen shops in the area to get the stuff I was looking for! 😛

It is fun though, I must say!!

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Reply to @rebesign:

Thank you! 😃

It’s not that I was trying to do a specific gig for Valentines day, but I guess

an early start won’t hurt! I hope I do well with this new gig. 🙂

Earlier I was watching TV while cutting out the hearts so I can keep them in stock, and accidentally knocked down the bag of pearl beads with my elbow, and yes,

it rolled all over the place. Took me a few minutes to gather all of them…

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Reply to @madmoo:

No problem, if you ever reactivated it again, please let me know,

I would love to take a look!

BTW I am having some problems with my gigs myself, the gig I just

posted needed to be modified a little ( I got a message from Fiverr )

so I adjusted the photo size and edited it, hopefully it will be back soon!

I wonder how long it will take for the gig to be posted again, if someone clicked on the link through “My fiverr gigs” it will just say “The gig is no longer available” no that won’t look cool.

EDIT: my gig just got reposted 😛

Well, that was fast!

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Reply to @rebesign:

Just checked the typewriter gig now, and it is so cool!

I hope she can find other extra ribbons for the typewriter ( if such things

exist, that is, don’t really remember how those old typewriters work! )

I just finished cutting several more hearts while watching a rerun of CSI,

it’s weird to cut out hearts while watching an autopsy being performed

in the TV screen! 😛

Thank you so much for your kind comments, I hope your gigs gets a lot

of orders too! 😃

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zeus777 - lol. You’re doing your own paper heart autopsy. I wonder if you’ll get any special request for the time set on your clock? I was looking at your picture at the time the clock is set to -10 minutes until 4. And thinking it would be especially cool for a married couple to set it to the time of their wedding vows. Anyway, good luck to you! 🙂

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Reply to @kjblynx:

"only to realize it is already done by someone"

Oh yes, been there, done that…in other cases I will come across another

gig and say to myself, hey, why didn’t I come up with that!!??

And I admit, I am a bit jealous of madmoo, because of her ideas and

creativity! 😛

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Reply to @rebesign:

Actually I was thinking of changing the time on the clock

if anyone requests it. 😃

I retook the photos since I thought the inside of the envelope looked

too white ( so I added a pattern using AGAIN something I found at home) and

also added a pen which I found ( again in the house).

Right now I am using white markers to write the messages on the hearts,

but I am debating whether I should stick to hand-writing or just photoshop

the letters in! This always happens every time I create a new gig, I have all of those

should I and should I nots! 😛

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@zeus777 - Without a doubt, I would say PHOTOSHOP! lol. When you get an order, just add the message. Done, tada! Otherwise, every order you’re going to have to cut paper hearts, write neatly, take a brand new photo, etc. Using Photoshop you’ll save trees!! And time. It might be a difference between spending 5-10 minutes on a gig vs 15-20 minutes on a gig. Although you’ll probably get the occassional buyer saying, “Oh, I want a xyz colored heart.” Then you would have to make a new template from scratch. But at least you’ll have it handy to use in new orders. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I don’t have much experience selling here, and you would know best in all your Top Rated Sellerness glory. 🙂 Recently, I was going to start selling a “your message on…” I had a vintage metal bottle top I took a close-up of. I actually started a listing then had second thoughts. It was only up 10 minutes and I took it down. The reason why is that I kept thinking it would make an awesome paint brush for Photoshop. I also wanted to distribute it that way. So that’s what I did with it instead. And I guess I’ve gotten lazy only selling PLR on Fiverr. Ha Ha. It just takes 5 minutes and hardly requires interaction. Oh well, maybe someday…

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