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Competition should be Quality based or Price based?


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Please dont mind guys, I cant understand how some one can provide 2.5K backlink at only $5, what will be the quality of those links, Should the buyers focus only on lower price ???
Of course some service can be offered at $5 , but 2.5K backlinks !!! where are wee going ??

However Apple never think to reduce price to get new customers, they think to improve Quality of products, thats why- Apple is “Apple”
You all are invited to visit my GIG and I will appreciate your suggestions me for better quality and services but not price please.


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Guest humanissocial

Man buyers offer something that takes a lot of time and resources, but they charge very little.

A strong seller will do the opposite OR do something scalable. You don’t want time and resources to limit you to a small income.

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