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Verification of id


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I have similar problem right now. Their verification system rejects my document 3 times. The best chance is to contact Fiverr support and they will give you last chance to provide your document.

I’m still waiting for that last chance. I hope I can verify mine. After years being a seller, since 2013, I don’t want to lose my account so bad.


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Guest hanshuber16

If at all you get another chance, as @seozilla1 mentioned, I would suggest that you read this post ⬇️ before going through the verification process the next time. You might find some tips on how to succeed in the ID verification process.

After having had a very intense/busy last week, I expected today to be a lazy Sunday — one of seclusion and contemplation. But — oh, no! Life would be too easy (too boring even) if everything went your way, am I right? wink" alt="wink As soon as I wake up, I usually check my mobile phone for notifications (I have ALL Fiverr notifications enabled, btw). Sometimes, I also open the Fiverr App just in case there is a notification hiding inside the A…

Good luck! 🍀

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