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How to get your Gig Ranked Up on 1st page?


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Hi everyone,
I m level 2 on fiverr i was going good on fiverr but one of my most selling Gig which is Related to Photoshop Editing is getting Down now a days i am very much worried about this.
If anyone please check my gig and tell me what thing i am doing wrong with my gig.
My gig link 🔗 https://www.fiverr.com/s2/b567862337?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs_Mobile
Correction are welcome and i will be thankful if someone help me
All on side I m professional in my Profession.
I hope i will get my answers for here.
I am done with all tactics And read all forum rankings tricks but no results.

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Hello no need to worry it is happening to almost anyone.I’m also facing this same problem.My most selling gig went down suddenly and almost 5 days have passed .SO if you found any solution then please let me also.And remember don’t waste your time to contact cs team as i have wasted my 4 days but nothing found.At end i want to say Good luck! 😛

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I did visit your gig… its FINE… nothing wrong … v lucrative… great work at econmical rates… its bound to rise again! … Good luck !

i hope your words comes true,I am also looking to get back to first page on which I was lastly but now I am not able to find my gigs in tags which i use in my gig

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