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Is your approach for buying on Fiverr all wrong?

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Most people come to Fiverr because they are looking for a specific set of skills to help them move a project along so they can accomplish their long term goals. So you search and search combing through profiles trying to identify the perfect person to help you with this one task. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a single point of contact that you could connect with to share your overall business goals, talk more strategically about what you want to do then leverage that person to find the right resources on Fiverr to help you along at various points? In the long run you save a tone of money by investing in Fiverr resources that have a mix of strategic and tactical abilities. Here are a few tips for leveraging Fiverr to develop relationships with sellers that can transform your projects and deliver real value.

  1. Review their gigs. Ideally you want to find a person that had a mix of skills ranging from tactical to strategic. For instance, if you are hiring someone who can just implement social media campaigns, you want to see if that person can be leveraged to support other assignments in the future which fall outside of that. This helps because that person becomes familiar with your brand or project so the time it takes to understand what you want will be less.
  2. Ask about their network. No one person can be an expert on everything. Fiverr offers buyers a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with one another, which in turn drives more value for you. As a buyer, you want to take the path that of least resistance and want to work with a person that can leverage their relationships to make your life easier. For instance, you may find a seller that has excellent ratings developing websites, but don’t get the feeling that they are up to speed when it comes to messaging and developing content for the site. Look for sellers that are honest about what they can provide and who also take it a step further saying that they can source the skills you need to fill in that gap.
  3. Relationship. Relationship. Relationship. Fiverr has changed, the quality of skill that comes from sellers has never been higher – and the cost to buyers is super reasonable. Buyers don’t tend to make a purchase that’s one and done. They are developing relationships with professionals that can provide premium services at amazing rates. Think about Fiverr sellers as your business partners. Here you have access to some of the brightest and most skilled talents within their industry. Do the work and ask the right questions when it comes to selecting talent. Then nurture that relationship, and start to think of that person as a part of your team, someone that you reach out to and work with to drive your initiatives forward. Long-term relationships drive continuous value.
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