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Scams Targetting Sellers Who Develop Apps


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Since a couple of weeks back, I have been receiving a large number of custom offer requests for transferring live apps on Apple’s App Store to buyers. The aim is to get the seller to transfer the app before the order is marked complete, and then cancel the order. The seller cannot get the app back from the App Store, so it is gone.

I have been using the following custom offer to keep the scammers out while still providing a way for genuine buyers to continue:

I will transfer the app at to the buyer.


Source code is provided. The process of transfer is as follows:

  1. Place order by accepting this offer. The offer is only for one app, linked above.
  2. I send source code of the app as delivery
  3. The order is marked as complete, and the Apple ID for app transfer is sent to me.
  4. I do the app transfer. Fiverr takes 14 days before transferring the funds to me, so you can still negotiate a partial refund (You already have the source code). Or I can help you to upload the app to your account.

I have transferred more than 20 apps using this method, and will not negotiate other methods. All communication goes through Fiverr.


So far, this has worked. One scammer actually ordered, and was struggling to get the order canceled afterwords. He had an Apple ID from a known domain, but the location and time information in his profile did not match that. You can look for such clues when identifying a scammer.

Note: this is risky if your code is really important. I usually do this only with apps like casual games.

Note: post edited to remove the country info.

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You can’t provide partial refund on fiverr, you can only cancel an order and give a full refund. So it might be potentially opening scammers a way.

And people still can cancel orders even after 14 days.

Thanks for the comments. I knew that orders can still be canceled, but in this case I know that Fiverr Customer Support is going to look and they are going to see what has happened. The partial refund, I should have known about it. Will update my quick response to match that.

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