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New Feature - Word Count Requirement

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I have read through other forums and no one has mentioned something like this and I think this is the best place to discuss it and maybe if this post gets enough love it will grab the attention of the Fiverr team who could possibly implement this.

Many gigs on fiverr.com are priced based on the word count. It makes sense that any project with more words will inevitably cost more and what I have noticed through my own experience and through the experience of others sellers sometimes a customer will purchase your gig and then when they send the gig requirements they send a script which is over the maximum allowed within the gig package they bought.


Allow sellers to add a “Script Word Counter Box” and so when the buyer is sending you their files and what not for the order to begin, it can be mandatory for them to pop their script into the script box. This box will automatically count the words within the box and if the amount counted is more than what is allowed in this package then there will be two options for the buyer. They can edit their script so as to reduce the words to the word limit allowed in that package or they can purchase additional words using a gig extra “Word Increase” and of course sellers could decide beforehand how much each additional word or 50 words or 1000 words will cost.

This would stop the many orders which are place daily which is not correct.

The many outcomes of this type of situation are;

The customer decides to cancel the order
The seller has to work for less money to keep the order
The buyer has to pay more to get the order completed and they feel misled
The seller has to wait for the order to be resolved before they can start and this loses time to complete the order.

So yea I think this feature would help sellers, buyers and (Since it will reduce cancellations) fiverr too!

Does anyone have any other ideas of how this could work?

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Guest hanshuber16

Does nobody think this word count would be a good idea? 😦

It’s an excellent idea. But, unfortunately, I don’t see them being capable of implementing such a system. They take eons to even implement the simplest of systems, let alone something as complex as a “script word counter box.” I am just very skeptical about the implementation part is all. 🙂

I mean, they haven’t even gotten around the problem of sellers getting penalized (order completion %) for no fault of theirs (buyer’s fault).

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Guest hanshuber16

Do you have an example of this? What do you mean sellers getting penalized for buyers fault?

I take it that you’re new to the forum. 😉

The forum is chock-full of posts where sellers complain that their order completion % was affected for no fault of theirs. For example:

  1. If a buyer places more than one order by mistake (when he intended on ordering only one gig to begin with), the seller gets penalized. The seller’s order completion % get affected.

  2. If a buyer doesn’t read the gig description or places an order and asks for something the seller is not capable of doing, the seller can initiate a mutual cancellation. Even if both the buyer and seller agree to the mutual cancellation, guess what? The seller’s order completion % gets affected.

  3. Even if a buyer places an order requesting for something that’s against the ToS and the seller asks Fiverr’s customer support to cancel the order… Yes, you got that right… It will still affect the seller’s order completion %.

As of right now, ALL order cancellations (irrespective of whether or not it is the seller’s fault) affect the seller’s order completion rate.

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Something similar has previously been suggested on the forum, including a counter that could exclude particular text (such as comments). But Fiverr hasn’t said they are doing anything related to that yet.

An exclusion of comments and editor notes would be an awesome addition to this!

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