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I think a buyer who I was communicating with blocked me


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Not really sure where to post this…

I had been contacted by a buyer. We chatted over a number or days. No gig was ever purchased. I sent him a written out proposal that he needed to respond to before I could get a gig set up.

Next thing I know, I see is a message from fiver on the same chat thread saying that “this user can no longer be contacted, my response rate will not be affected”… or something like that.

I started reading other posts in different community boards here, and they state that the buyer was banned. To enter the user name in fiverr.com/userid to see if they are still there. Well, they were not. BUT!! I can still see the user’s green/grey icon indicating if they are online or not. So, I don’t get it.

Was the buyer banned by fiverr or did the buyer block me?

How can I tell for sure.

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