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What's working these days?


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Hey, fam 👋

I know this question may seem out of place but I’d need y’all to pls answer honestly.

So I’ve been on Fiverr since 2014, but didn’t take it seriously until 2017.

Now, I bought a course that teaches me the ins/outs of this marketplace in January last year.

And fortunately, everything I learned from the course worked for me, as I was getting orders every now and then.

It was after I got a very huge order $2000+ that I couldn’t finish the job.

That’s how I lost my account and all the funds.

OK, ever since I lost it everything in March last year, I’ve been trying to get back on Fiverr and keep the ball rolling.

But unfortunately, I haven’t been able to.

No orders. No ranking. Nothing!

So, guys, I’d be so grateful if y’all can tell me what it’s working on Fiverr these days - especially the gigs and ranking tips.

Please help a sister.


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