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Be careful of this error in taking Fiverr tests


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I just want to bring this issue in your knowledge so that you all may be careful. I spent hectic 40 minutes on a test and passed it with 9+ score. But as I clicked on “End Test” option after talking the survey, I got this window. (an error in Fiverr system)


I contacted Fiverr CS, they asked for the proof that I have taken the test and got score 9+ in the test.

Had I knew the situation earlier, that such error would occur, I would have taken multiple images of the test windows/score/result and keep them as proof with me.

I am surprised, what proof may I give to them? Do you have any idea?

It is very unfortunate we get replies/questions from Fiverr CS which cannot be expected in normal situations.

So, you all care and take screenshots of the test results before submitting, otherwise, you will also lose your score.

Please note that when one ends the test, the result is shown to the test taker, after that the candidate is taken to an online feedback/survey.

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