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Bad experience from buyers

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Hi, Welcome all.
I am a seller. I have done everything in a genuine way. But without considering the works and my reports, that buyer blame me that nothing. After onward I have proved the things. But The user Rate me only bad.It is badly affected to my gig. It is a black mark for me without reason of any. Tough I proved everything but the buyer didn’t accept my works, because the buyer tried to do lot more works than the job described before. Tried to blackmail me. Tricky and indecent buyer.
I think the rules and regulations not in a satisfaction way as a seller. Most of genuine sellers are going to be discourage by this. Even they worked overnight, but they remain only discouragement. Some times they are suffering with that also.
I have informed that to the fiverr CS.
STILL THE SELLERS ARE IN A THREAT…Need some changes to protect genuine sellers.

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