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Pending Job Request


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Realize this is a frequent question but after reading I am still un clear.
When posting a job:

Pending status, lasts how long like minimal to maximum?
Is it a profanity thing?
Meaning are certain jobs or words triggering it to be slower?

How can I either speed this process up, or account for a certain amount of delay in the future?

Posting a job is way better than hunting, cause I would rather sift thru interested parties than find ones that are still working or even legit.

Perhaps a vetted buyer can have his job checked rather than slowed.

I am aware that vetted buyer may not be a thing.

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It’s a good idea for vetted buyer in the BRs section. I think the length of time it takes is due to staff availability and number of existing requests in the queue to check. Maybe weekends take longer as there may be fewer staff available.

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