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Download buyer attachments are troublesome

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There’s an incident happening lately which I find quite annoying in orders section. A buyer request multiple drawings in bulk, and he attached total 37 attachments. So there are problems when I try to download all the attachments:

  1. I need to download one by one
  2. In desktop version, I cannot see all attachments after clicking “show more”. There are 12 attachments before expand, and maximum 21 attachments after expand. All the rest of the attachments are hidden underneath. So I need to inspect the website, get their html url code in order to download the rest of the hidden attachments.

There are few suggestion I can give, hope to find a solution:

  1. Suggest buyer to zip the file if there are many attachments. I understand that many of the buyers are ordering on mobile phone so it is not possible to zip them, so auto zip their uploaded attachments might be a better solution too
  2. Buyer can upload as many attachments as they like, but seller can choose multiple files and download them at once, in zip file. This including select all, deselect checkbox.
  3. Just make the attachment box to expand till the max.
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An alternative could be to ask the buyer to upload them to a dropbox folder.

Ideally Fiverr could make it work properly if there are more than the specified number of attachments without having to zip them, as well as provide a “download all”. Though the zip option could be an extra option/alternative.

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