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Revisions disclaimer & Dynamic queue

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Ok guys,
If you ask me what I’d quote as a feature (maybe with some balance first)
I can think of:

  1. Stop with the “unlimited revisions”.
    I think when a seller set NO revisions or just, when the buyer ends with the revisions included on the order and s/he request for a new revisions, instead leaving all to the seller, the site itself should pop up a window or a desclaimer warning the buyer s/he run out of revisions requests, inviting her/him to add more to the cart if any further change is required.

    Who had the problem to switch from a regular week, to a super rushy one with several extra fast?
    Don’t tell me to manage to disable-enable them every time. it is long, sometimes updating the gig is also glitchy.

It would be amazing (In my opinion) to have a DAILY limit of orders in queue, instead of a general limit.
Maybe warning the customer that if s/he orders in that busy schedule, the delivery might have a delay of 1 or 2 days .
This should be something automatic, generated from a daily limit we can set, to avoid to receive maybe an insane amount of orders all in the same night maybe, when we sleep maybe, and find ourself late with all the consequences.

What you think?

*** With a dynamic queue, I mean we might set a daily limit for some gigs, and the system should maybe show a sort of calendar which shows the availability for the seller. idk if it makes sense!

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