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What can I do to improve my gig? I have gotten no buyers but would love too


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Guest ngtechandapps

Well, first off, your video. In your video, you don’t give too much info. As I buyer, I want to know what your process is, how you ensure the computer’s gonna work well, and what your experience is. Try to incorporate that into the video. Also, in the video, you choose a thumbnail and that thumbnail shows up in the search results. So what I like to do is include a few seconds at the beginning of the video as an intro where I include an eye catching text-based thumbnail, and I set that as the thumbnail to appear in the search.

Next, your title. Think about this using SEO. How many people do you think are searching for “Computer Part Lists” on Fiverr. I would suggest using a more Fiverr-Friendly title such as, “I will Design Your Custom Computer” or something like that that will get higher in the search results.

Third, the way you organized your gig. I would set this to a single-package gig with rush-delivery as a gig extra. That makes it less confusing for the buyer. Also, use your desciption. On my descriptions, I always find myself accidentally going over the word count limit and having to revise. That is your place to shine. Talk about yourself, your qualifications, what you can do for your buyer, why YOU are qualified to find them the best parts for their new computer and not somebody else. Also, make sure to use all five keywords.

Finally, your gig images need revision. Currently, they just show examples of the work and a picture of a custom PC. On my gigs, for I use three images of the same style and explain who I am, what I do, and what work I include. I also include colors that pop and eye-catching icons to make it look more professional. You could do the same, and believe me, you would get more people interested in your work.

Hope this helps and good luck! Still working on level one myself! 🙂

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