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Response rate dropped 8% because of 2 spam messages


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Yesterday I started the day with 21 messages I’ve gotten total in the past 60 days, and one that was not responded to in 24 hours, so my response rate was 95%.

I got 2 messages yesterday - one of them the buyer appeared to be blocked as soon as he sent it and the other was marked as spam by Fiverr:


Both said “it will not affect your response rate” but today by response rate is 87% and in the red. This makes 23 messages in the past 60 days, with apparently 3 of them being counted as ones I didn’t respond to (the two messages in the screenshots above).

I’ve read other threads where people have contacted CS and they just say there is nothing they can do to manually change the response rate. Has anyone ever had success contacting them about something like this?

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I just wrote about the verification process and I remembered that there is this problem to.

A spam comes to the inbox
Before you answer there is a message from fiverr that tells you that this message is a spam and this will not affect your respounse rate.

Then you go to statistics and you see your respounse rate at 60%

What the F***
they are insane

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