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How much time should be spent working on a gig?


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When my very first sale came in , I was so very excited. I wanted to make sure that this customer was happy. I spent about 3 hours to make sure i did the best job i could do. I even gave a free bonus. It’s a month later , and sales are coming a lil bit more steady , and i still find i spend too much time on one sale! I can’t help it sometimes…

There are exceptions , for example I have a star wars intro gig. When i got my first sale on that , I decided to upgrade it to make it look professional


(it is an express gig , so i had 24 hours to upgrade it) It looks 10x better than before. I used Adobe After Effects. It’s professional look compared to the one i created. (it’s turnkey template now , but it took me about 7 hours to make the first one , now it’s turnkey) , and the result is the person liked the star wars gig so much he gave me a bonus tip.

I am trying to get an idea of what amount of time us sellers are spending and should be spending on each $5 gig. Gig extras would be a different matter. I wouldn’t mind spending 4 hours to make sure the $50 spent wouldn’t be refunded.

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Guest matt_garry

I would love to say I make $4 for every 20 minutes but that is only the mean,

Sometimes it literally is 5min sometimes its 3 hours so I think $4 for every 20 min is close anyway…

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Interesting question. I got a little timer widget for my menu bar so I could see how much I got done in 15 minutes. Sometimes I finished before and sometimes after, but I found it distracting having a clock sort of hanging over me, so I haven’t used it much recently. It did give me an idea of how much time things take, which was useful.

Now I’m level 1, and have extras, I can make some of the more time consuming parts into an extra, and not worry about time so much. If it puts people off then so be it. (I think it does, but that’s life)

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Hi and welcome.

Being on Fiverr is an evolutionary process. How long at gig takes at the start, is not how long it takes 12 months down the road.

And until you learn, how the Fiverr platform works, how to create a successful gig, how to promote your gigs and how to handle customer feedback, it really doesn’t matter how long a gig takes.

Many newbies will tell you it often took 1,2 or 3 hours each to complete their first 20 or 30 gigs as they Leveled Up. As they learned the Fiverr process, explored their own capabilities and redefined their gigs, the process evolved into shorter completion times.

Some Fiverr Sellers are students, retired, or stay-at-homes and are totally happy if it takes 1 hour to do a gig. Some Fiverr Sellers own real businesses and a sideline of that business on Fiverr and the gig takes 15 minutes.

Bottom line is as @bigbadbilly says, "Only you can answer it. How much time do you think is worth 4 bucks?"

Good luck!

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