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A little suggestion


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Dear Fiverr,

What do you think about starting a small shop for fiverr sellers to buy fiverr Tshirts, Hoodies, Cups… etc? 😃 I am just saying but I think it would be nicer to wear a fiverr logo printed shirt as a proud fiverrian.

Looking for more suggestion from other sellers too


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If you scroll down this page, you can see a link “Store” at the bottom (which leads to an account “Store”'s profile page), perhaps they planned or are planning to sell Fiverr merch in form of gigs on that account or the link is just a placeholder.

If you’d like to collect “votes” of sellers here, in order to inspire Fiverr to actually open that Store, maybe a poll to ask sellers if they’d buy Fiverr merch would be useful. You can build a poll when you click the settings icon in the message box.

If they see how many sellers might be interested in buying such items, they might work on that store. Personally, I don’t think I’d buy clothing but a tea cup perhaps, I’m good at breaking cups.

Just realized how ambiguous that sounds 😄 I meant as in “I don’t much like to wear clothing with ads on them or the creator brand written all over them in big bold letters but I often break cups and sometimes I need a new one and a Fiverr logo-ed cup in my office might be a nice additional green touch of colour”, not as in “I’d like to smash a Fiverr cup anytime I’m annoyed by something they or a customer do” 😉

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