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I have a question about my new Gig

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Hello Creatives! I have a question, I want to make a new Gig where I will make icons but not where to place it. My service will be for anyone who needs illustrations, graphics or icons either on a website or anywhere else. I’ve been looking at the Fiverr categories and I don’t know in which one I’ll get views from the right audience.

Do I put my Gig in Graphics & Design / Illustration or in Graphics & Design / Web & Mobile Design / Icons & Buttons?

If there is any other category or subcategory that I could use please let me know!

Thank you in advance! Greetings…

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Icons or Trademark? Trademark sounds better if you can get the schooling and ability to do that type of work. Or maybe LOGO? I do not identify with the word icon in the same sentence as graphics but I could be behind in the times lol

No, they are simply icons, really can use them for anything, not just as icons, they are illustrations that I do, not logos or trademarks, simply digital drawings, for example, I ask for a cartoon of a dog and I draw and vectorize and deliver it, he can use his drawing as an icon or whatever it is, it would be great if you could help me put a correct name to my Gig too, I have no idea what name to put it or in what category to place it … Although I prefer only to sell “icons”.

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