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How many have created support tickets about Fiverr Search Ranking?


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I probably have created 4 or 5 tickets to Fiverr customer support inquiring about search engine results. Over those tickets, I probably had 7 to 10 replies from different techs. They always differ in their explanations. One will say ranking is based on your rating, one will say it is not, and so on.

Usually whatever answer the Fiverr folks give me, I have proof to counter their answer. If they say it is based on rating, than I will reply than how come “xxxxxxxxx” is rated #2 for this keyword when he has a 98% rating, less completions than me and so on.

Than their answer changes to something else. Ugh

Now before anyone says you have to put your keywords in title, description, tags, etc, by now everyone knows how to do the normal SEO work so that isn’t the problem. I compare my gig to the top 5 all the time for the main keyword and SEO accordingly. The problem is, when you do all the required SEO work that is equal to the top 5 what’s left to determine who gets ranked higher? You would think gig rating (reviews), completions, etc. That’s what’s so frustrating. If my gig is SEO for a keyword similar to the top 5 for the same keyword yet they have a 98% rating (I have 100%), they have less completions (I have 5 times more completions than the gig ranked #2), etc, and yet they are ranked a lot higher for the main keyword than your gig, you throw up your arms in frustration.

The latest for me was after many complaints to customer support about this situation, they moved my gig up to #14 for that keyword. As soon as I completed a gig, delivered it, the client gave me thumbs up, my gig drops in ranking for that keyword. UGH! So the more gigs I complete with a 100% rating, the more I drop…UGH! UGH!

Lastly, why am I so concern about this? If you can’t keep you gig in the top 20 for the main keyword, your business will dry up or you will get so little sales it won’t be worth your time. If Fiverr wants to rotate Recommended gigs I have no problem with that – I even read that Fiverr does rotate gigs but not true based on my research. The proof is in the pudding. I can search on my main keyword and the top 4 is the same day after day. The guy at the #2 position with less rating and completions than me, has been #2 for months – it never changes. Discouraging!!!


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You do realize that CS is a completely different (and likely remote) team to the code gremlins? They have a script and they’re gonna deliver that script, no matter what. The only way to get around it is to be charming and appreciative. You know, flattery.

Also your ranking is based on some mathematical algorithm. The logic is rigid. You may be a special little flower, but math knows better and doesn’t care. It could be that a very specific rating matters more than on-time delivery and propels “lesser” gigs above more deserving gigs.

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Guest reinier01

I have been very fortunate with one of my gigs. Since I put it up, it has never left the #1 position in that particular niche. But then again, the fact that it is the only one in all of Fiverr in that niche may have something to do with it. Been getting good sales from it too, with lots of repeat buyers ordering multiples of it with each order.

Perhaps that’s the way to go- be the only to do something. It seems to beat the search engines everytime.

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