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No way to make complaint on Fiverr


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Is there no way to make a complaint on fiverr? This seems to be a giant flaw with the system. I ordered a logo to be done, and the sellers response was "Find somebody else for your logo ". This guy sits with a 95%+ approval rating! And now no one knows to avoid this guy.

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nathaniell said: I ordered a lo.go to be done, and the sellers response was "Find somebody else for your lo.go"


... which is still quite open to interpretation. Reading your opening post you seem to have concluded that the seller in question was rude and disrespecting you. But somehow I get the feeling that there is more to this story. (Not to mention that if the seller is not a fluent speaker of english, they simply may not have MEANT any offense. Whoops -- just mentioned it.)


Based on the exact words you quoted, it could also mean:


a. Sorry, I'm unable to work on this (or anything) now for important personal reasons. But I don't want to make promises I can't deliver on, so you should really try someone else. Good Luck.


b. Your request was not one I want to work on because it was:


- horribly vauge, or

- incredibly detailed and maddeningly specific, or

- offensive in content, or

- demanded things far beyond what I can or will offer for the price

- etc., etc. So I'm choosing not to engage with you as I can see the likelihood of futher friction ahead.


... and so on.


Sure, I'm just speculating. Maybe you really do only care about helping others to steer clear of a "bad" seller, but we only have your edited side of the story to be convinced that the seller is bad. On the other hand it also seems like maybe you really just want.. Oh, never mind. You got your money back. Move on, and be glad the seller is not working for you. However he/she may still be perfect for someone else.


nathaniell said: And now no one knows to avoid this guy.


Maybe the 95% rate will give a clue. Plenty of sellers have 100%, but I don't care about their number either. Lately there are so many ways for a good, conscientious, creative seller to get hit with a negative besides the actual earned feedback on their work that I just don't trust the number much. Personally, as a buyer I don't care about ratings as long as they are over 85%. If they are lower I'll still consider an placing an order if I love their samples or have read the feedback to see if there is a reasonable explanation.


$5. Keep telling yourself. $5. When it works for you, great. When it doesn't, oh well.



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