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Hi everyone, I´m New on this site :)


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Welcome capsium!

After some years I have spent here as both a seller and a buyer (it is a good idea to be both) I can say that Fiverr is a great place. Provided one loves to keep on learning and becoming better in what one does from the official posts, like Fiverr Blog as well as from the most successful users in this Forum. Provided one is able to keep a stiff upper lip as a seller and not get angry whenever something may go wrong. Provided one can be a kind human as a buyer and be clear upon ordering. Because with patience and good will one can always learn how to make the most out of every situation, either awesome or difficult. Something that many users often neglect is to read and re-read Fiverr Terms of Service, the famous TOS. Even the smallest detail needs to be kept in mind if one wishes to have a smooth experience.

All the best with sales and enjoy the “flight”!

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