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Hello Fiverr friends , my name is Saqib. i am from Pakistan. i am Graphics Designer, expert in Photoshop , logo etc. i am here to help the Fiverr community by sharing my experience of Fiverr and sharp my skills by your experience and knowledge. i hope this journey will be helpful for us.

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I am samir300197 from Bangladesh. as well as am an undergraduate in LLB. I created an account and gigs for involving Logo design. Unfortunately, still there were get only 11 orders, after then no order as well as on buyer request… I don’t know what to do.

actually feeling very tired b cz of by looking at the screen over the day by day…

what should I do?

Thanks for coming to me.i have done around 1000 request to start streamlining my orders.anyway i will write a detailed post for beginners as well as for the people who are getting hard to take orders. i hope. that would be beneficial for you . 🙂

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