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Positive Reviews Expectations


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Hi All… I’m a newbie fiverr but not a newbie “at large” . Many folks new to business, especially the online business, have a preconceived notion that every gig or every sale should/will go smoothly. It is impossible to satisfy everyone, all the time. And it is unrealistic for vendors/sellers to think they can maintain a perfect standing.

Be wary when you meet someone in business who tells you they have NEVER had a problem with a customer or have never made a mistake. Having a high volume business with a 95% satisfaction rate is totally acceptable and represents an honest and realistic evaluation. Handling a satisfied customer is easy, its a no brainer, anybody can do it, there is no risk. The way you handle a disgruntled customer speaks volumes about your abilities and competence. Communicate with your customers, reduce to zero the weak links in your product/service and do not over-promise.

Good Luck to all! http://fiverr.com/imaknowitall

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Hi and welcome.

Yes indeed! Thank you.

Starting my first business at 7 selling greeting and holiday cards out of a red wagon and having owned a few larger business over the past 40 year, I can say without hesitation you are correct.

More often than not, communication means stop talking and listen, and then when you think you should say something, don’t. 99% of the time a disgruntled customer just wants to be heard, and have their dissatisfaction be understood.

Thanks! 🙂

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