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Requirements for getting React Jobs


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I am a self learned React Developer. I don’t know how much I need to learn to get a job. I can build websites with database support with React. Do I need to know more to get my first job here?
It will be great if any senior or expert advise me on this topic. And any kinds of suggestions will be appreciate.
Thanks in advance.

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I am not a developer but If you want to grow your work, so you can follow the following steps:

  1. Design your gig professionally
  2. Check out the buyer request and send a relevant Offer
  3. Social media presence (like fb freelancer groups and post from
  4. go to forums and check the post of the buyer (if anyone needs your service just send them to offer)

Note: I can help you if you want

I hope you will get the point and you are good to go
wish you the best of luck

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